Public Buildings

Stained glass windows are often found in libraries, offices buildings, hotels and restaurants. These windows can appear in the form of laylights, signage or room dividers. They are often more decorative or ornamental in design than the figurative windows typically found in churches and they provide both color and atmosphere to these buildings.

Private Residences

In a private residence, stained glass windows typically appear in transoms, stairways and sidelights. They can provide privacy for a home while at the same time allowing natural light and color into the interior spaces.


Stained glass windows in churches often depict scenes from the Bible. In this manner, the provide a narrative or tell a story. A restored stained glass window allows the church to retain a significant piece of history and lets the congregation enjoy its beauty for another 100 years.

Autonomous Panels

These autonomous panels express some of my personal interests in working with stained glass. Line, texture and variation on a theme are more important to me than working with lots of color. These panels also serve as ideas for potential future commissions.