McIntosh Condominiums, Springfield, MA

Built in 1913 by McIntosh and Company, a boot and shoe manufacturer, this building was heavily damaged in a natural gas explosion in November 2012. All of the Luxfer glass prism transom panels located on one facade of the building were damaged and were removed for restoration. The building owner was able to provide the studio with the necessary replacement glass prisms, including ones with a Frank Lloyd Wright design. The transom panels were rebuilt with zinc came and reinstalled in September 2014.

“ A devastating gas explosion in 2012 destroyed a large percentage of the leaded glass transoms along one side of the building. Shalan Stained Glass was hired to restore these windows using both salvaged historic and new material. All the windows were rebuilt and various frame modifications were made to ensure the future integrity of the windows. In addition, inappropriate past restoration efforts were corrected. The project required a great deal of problem solving, coordination and creative talent. Shalan Stained Glass did an extraordinary job restoring these windows to their original appearance.”

-Paul Mann, McIntosh Condominiums